Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: Sleek Cosmetics Blushes & Eyeshadows

The Purchase

I posted these swatches on Makeup Talk so I thought I'd go ahead and put them up here along with some brief thoughts. Sleek Cosmetics is a UK-based brand, but you can order online from the U.S. (either from their own website or on Amazon; Amazon is probably cheaper for a single item, but of course you can combine shipping to make it cheaper from Sleek). I bought some of my Sleek items in Barcelona and some in London. I own two of the Blush by 3 palettes and four of the i-Divine eyeshadow palettes. The blush palettes are generally around $15 and the eyeshadow palettes are around $10.

The Packaging

The packaging is sleek and black and high-quality, but unfortunately the matte black attracts dirt and makeup and fingerprints like crazy! However, all the palettes feel sturdy, and each has a good-quality full-size mirror inside, which I really like. The eyeshadow palettes come with a double-sided sponge tip applicator, which I've thrown out because I don't use those.

The Performance

These swatches almost speak for themselves! Most of the colors are really pigmented and beautiful, especially the shimmers. The lighter-colored mattes are not great, so if those are what you are really lusting after, don't buy the palettes for those. Everything is really soft and blends fairly well, although sometimes the shadows do have a tendency to become a little muddied together after awhile, especially without primer. The blushes are incredibly pigmented so you have to use a light hand, but you will never ever run out of these colors, and they are gorgeous! They wear well, too.

All swatch pictures are indoors with a flash, two swipes with a finger, dry, no primer.

First, the blush swatches. The first three are the Pink Sprint trio, and the second three are the Sweet Cheeks trio, of which the first shade is a cream blush.

Now, the eyeshadow palettes. Each palette has 12 colors. First, The Original:


Oh So Special:

Au Naturel:

The Verdict:

These are the best drugstore-priced eyeshadow palettes I've ever used, and the blushes are some of the best ever, hands down! Definitely well worth the price for any of these items, but most especially the brightly colored, shimmery eyeshadows, and the blushes.


  1. I love Sleek! Their quality is really up there with the higher end brands! I really like the Original palette! Those are some great colours.

    1. It really is! I love the colors in the Original palette, too; I tend to gravitate towards more neutral palettes but sometimes I want a nice pop of color, and the Sleek Original palette aways has what I want on those occasions.

  2. Hey there... stumbled across you via MUT, and I like your style so far! I've got a brand-new blog too, and I'm finding it hard to keep motivated since I don't feel like anybody's actually seeing it, so I figured I should leave a note to let you know I was here. ;-) I was really impressed with these swatches... I ordered a Sleek blush recently, and was eyeing all their palettes, but couldn't quite convince myself to pull the trigger. May have to reconsider that decision!