Friday, May 9, 2014

Favorite Beauty Blogs #1

Since I'm new to this whole beauty blogging thing, I thought it would be a nice idea to mention some of the beauty blogs that I really enjoy, that set the standards I hope to try to live up to with this blog. These are by no means all the blogs I enjoy (that would take forever!), just a little sample. I hope you'll click over and read some of these ladies' fabulous blogs! (I don't know them personally so I feel a bit weird talking about them like this, but, hey, they're awesome and I wanted to promote these blogs. So go! Read!)

Beauty Reductionista - Liz's beauty blog is one of my favorites! When I recently discovered it, I loved it so much I read her *entire* archive. A little crazy, I know! She talks about wanting to use things up and reduce her stash, reviews products, shows her empties - a little bit of everything.

Beauty Broadcast - This is the blog of emilynoel83 on Youtube. I love both Emily's blog and her videos - she is great to watch, so bubbly and friendly and charismatic. Her reviews are solid, honest, and thorough, and she talks about both drugstore products and pricier options (mid-range, generally, like Too Faced or Tarte, not so much YSL or Dior), so there's something for everyone, at every budget.

Project Swatch - I really like the range of products that Emi features here, from Wet n Wild and Revlon to Dior and Guerlain. Something for everyone, again! Her reviews are really good, and I like her favorite brushes posts as I'm trying to build up my brush collection a bit.

Brightest Bulb In The Box - Robyn's tagline is "Beauty for Critical Minds," and it really is just that. Not only are their reviews and pictures of pretty things, she also breaks down the marketing bullshit and gives us the science behind some popular beauty products. Her blog is smart, funny, and original. Definitely add this one to your subscriptions if you haven't already!

There are tons more out there, of course, and you'll notice that the title of this post says "#1" after it - I definitely plan on pointing out some more awesome blogs at some point in the future!


  1. Aw, thanks for the love. Congrats on starting the blog and joining in on the crazy. ;)